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So.. who are we ? Hopefully the two dudes that are going to be photographing your wedding day.
Do you want your wedding images to blow your mind and stand out from the crowd ?
Are you planning on creating the best day ever ?
We strongly believe that booking the right people to shoot your wedding could make or break it.
What’s better than finding that one perfect photographer…
Finding two awesome photographers who will capture your day entirely.
Two Creatives, Two Angles, Two Cameras, Two Dudes… we won’t miss a moment.
Please get in touch today to see if we are available on your special day.


5 fun facts about Al
1. I Love to adventure.. from swimming with turtles to snowboarding in Switzerland. Where ever I go my camera goes with me.
2. I used to DJ when I was studying Photography at Wolves Uni. If you have any of the following music at your wedding I will be on the dance floor (Hip-Hop / Indie / Rock / Dance / Electro)
3. I married my sweet 16… eventually.. only took her 10 years to realise I was the one after shooting me down on 3 separate occasions
4. I have broken my left arm 3 times & had keyhole surgery on my left Knee… The day after surgery I was back in the studio shooting fashion. I’m very committed to my clients.
5. I have photographed a range of celebrities including Tinie Tempah, Fearne Cotton, GOK Wan, Derren Brown and Jeff Sterling “Unbelievable Jeff”


5 fun facts about Greg
1. I love Disney World, I even married my wife there in 1994 and keep going back.
2. I went to study Photography at the University of Wolverhampton and graduated with a first. However Al still thinks he taught me everything he knows.
3. My favourite film is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I’m not going to say which Dwarf resembles myself.
4. My favourite food is Pizza as long as it doesn’t have anchovies, pineapple or olives. Chocolate comes a close 2nd.
5. The biggest pressure was when Al asked me to photograph his wedding day… I work best under pressure